Friday, February 1, 2013

You always remember the first time....

My first 5k, back in October, was the only one I've done that wasn't associated with a cause that I support (or would like to be supportive of at any rate.) The Awesome 80s 5k was a good one to start with, though, because, well there aren't a lot of other runs that incorporate the Delorian from Back to the Future and feature a fellow participant running as the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man. I mean, really. I won't say I loved it, I didn't. The back side of Fiesta Island was right in the suns rays and that made for a tough time for me since I forgot the sunglasses. Merp. Also, being a newbie, I wasn't really sure what to do at the end. I ran alone, so I didn't have a friend to tell me "you go over there to pick up your medal" and whatnot, I hate that. I was confused. But now I act like I know what I'm doing. Either way, I got a pretty cool medal and my very first bib number to hang in my cube at work. You see, I also happen to be the Wellness person here, so it's part of my job to do fun stuff like wake up early in the morning and attempt to run three miles. ;) I will say the bib looked a little sad and lonely there hanging all alone. It may just have been the motivation behind this whole "one run a month" thing. P.S. Just in case there's actually anyone out there reading this -- anyone know of a 5k (or even 10k I guess) in May (San Diego area, I'm saving for a wedding so I can't travel)? I'm having trouble finding one, and it's my next "empty" month.

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