Friday, February 8, 2013

Oh what fun it is to run.... the pouring down rain! Okay, not really. I know I'm probably in the minority here, but really, I HATE running in the rain. I'm a San Diegan, rain doesn't make sense to me, like, at all. I'm also saving for a wedding so I can't afford to "waste" money. So, rain or shine, that money I spent to run means I'll be running. So, here's a lovely water-logged "rain"deer (see what I did there)
And, yes, the antlers sure did light up. Unfortunately due to the rain I think I'm going to need a new set for next year. Those things weren't really meant for water. The Jingle Bell 5k was a total blast, despite the weather, and I hope to run it again next year. I'll even find an ugly Christmas sweater to add to the look. Or maybe just sew some bells on a tree skirt and wear that. One thing, though, I'll be ready for that killer hill part way through. Holy moly, it was tough - if you happen to know the 6th Ave side of Balboa Park, right at the beginning of the park basically - you know what hill I'm talking about. Ooof. Still, though, it was fun and I was very glad my lovely BF (at the time) had a waterproof windbreaker type jacket I could wear.

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