Monday, February 11, 2013

Take me out to the [race track]

I was super excited in January to run the Stephen Strasburg 5k at SDSU. I'm a big sports fan and the prospect of seeing some of my favorite past and present Padres (and even a few future Padres) was enough to get me out in the rain (again.) Stephen Strasburg was there too, and the race's packet pickup included several Washington Nationals themed items. It was awesome, and I'm a very proud owner of the autographs I was able to receive. I posted this stellar hideous photo on my FB, but let's just say, I started running because SD has nice weather. This rain is for the birds.
The course itself was a slow one, but as you can see above I finished anyway. There's nothing like running downhill at the start of a race and realizing "oh crap, this means I'm going to have to run back up at the end." Anyway, it was still a fun race for me, and the cheering crowds of college baseball players/cheerleaders was a nice touch (even though it made me feel ancient.) It was also cool to run past the kids camped out at Viejas Arena for the upcoming SDSU basketball game.

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