Thursday, February 7, 2013

Sleep. Run. Feast.

Okay, so back to the catching up thing. Race 2 was Thanksgiving morning which I figured was a brilliant way to give myself the excuse to eat an extra slice of turkey later. It was also helpful that the course happened to go right past my house, so it's a route I run fairly often. Because of this, and because I wasn't so overwhelmed with the entire thing this time, I took a few pictures on the course. I always look STELLAR for a run (but I kind of love the excuse to "dress up.")
Either way, I was pretty excited to start the race, and the clouds made it nice (rather than, say, 100 degrees or something.) As I ran along, I saw this lovely view,
It's amazing how peaceful a somewhat major highway (for those that can't tell this is the 163) can look when it's extremely early on a holiday morning. After crossing the Laurel Street bridge, we were headed down 6th Ave, and I spotted a shirt I want to have:
"Please God, let there be someone behind me to read this." Rest assured, lady, I've got you covered. And finally, my favorite site:
Just round the corner and you're done! As I walked back to my house, still wearing the turkey tiara and race bib, several passersby yelled out "congrats! great race!" and various other words of inspiration. I love how cheerful and upbeat everyone in this running/walking world is - cheaper than therapy, for sure.

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