Tuesday, February 12, 2013


In my quest to find a race every single month (I started in October, but whatever, 12 months is 12 months) I stumbled upon the Super Run thanks to my new favorite website . I generally try and find something with either a) a good cause (this is my first choice) or b) a fun theme (like the 80s run.) The Super Run supported Morse HS athletics, Water for Children Africa, and a Cancer organization. If you know me, you know I'll almost always support local HS anything (they need funding) as well as Africa anything (well, not really, I vet my organizations fairly well) so I was in. The only problem? It was just a week after the Stephen Strasburg run. What was I thinking? So just a few short days after I ran through the rain, I was parking my car and spying this:
Now THAT is what I want to see when I'm getting ready to run. A beautiful sunrise is definitely a sign of a good day. The race didn't have a pre-race packet pick up so I got there early enough to pick up my stuff and schlep it back to my car before the start of the run. I know from experience I don't want to run with all that crap. On the way back to drop off the AWESOME shirt we received, I spied this:
Um, yeah, I kind of love San Diego sometimes. This was both a 5 and 10k and I noticed that the vast majority of the participants were from the San Diego Track Club and later learned that this was one of their training runs for the marathon trainees. This meant the biggest group was running the 10k, and it made me want to try one out for myself. Maybe in a few months. The course was super fast, and I managed a PR. You can tell by the official race photos that I was trying really hard. I'm a seriously gorgeous hideous runner.
Here I am crossing the finish line, oh yeah!
If only I could look as pretty as the sunrise did. And with that, I'm all caught up. Until next time, friends. I'll be finishing Chelsea's Run in just a few short weeks. Join me.

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