Wednesday, January 30, 2013

The beginning

Let me start by saying, I'm not a runner. Sure, I played soccer when I was young and that required running, but really, I was too little to understand. So, why write about running? Well, it all started when I realized I was fat and started going to the gym on a regular basis during my lunch break. At first it was awesome. My co-worker and I went together and she drove me since I carpool to work and don't have a car to get me back and forth. And then she stopped going. Like, entirely. I don't think she's been in a year. Anyway, I needed to get to the gym and I wasn't going to start driving myself to work everyday (thus defeating the purpose behind carpooling - namely saving gas $) but I also wasn't going to give up my gym mojo either. So, I used my feet as transportation. Then one day I decided to run an actual race. Once I did that one, I did another, and another and another until I thought "hey, I've done one a month, why don't I try to do that for an entire year?" So, here we are. Part way through the 12 5k quest, and already thinking about things like half marathons (and 10ks first.) So I'm going to write about it, mostly to attempt to keep myself accountable. Partially in the hopes that someone might actually join me at one of these races some day.

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