Monday, March 4, 2013

Let Your Light Shine

The day was beautiful, as was the pre/post-race set-up. It was fantastic to see so many San Diegans (and former San Diegans) out bright and early on a Saturday morning in memory of two beautiful girls taken too soon.

Those folks on the ground worked so hard to make a beautiful chalk drawing that thousands of people promptly ran over and destroyed.  

 This is not a runners "race." It just isn't. There are far too many folks out there to support the wonderful cause thus there is tons of traffic to avoid. They make an attempt at corralling runners in waves, but it wasn't the most organized and most people failed to pay attention. As previously mentioned the hill was back. I'm frustrated because I can't find my finish time for the Jingle Bell run, but I'm fairly certain I sped up a little this race despite having to dodge around traffic quite a bit. Before long, I saw's always glorious. All finished!

 Despite not being a "runners run" it's a great run. Everyone on the course is incredibly encouraging. They were cheering on other runner and thanking volunteers, it was incredibly uplifting. Also uplifting was the kick off (this year done by Amber Dubois' little sister) and the speech made by Mr. and Mrs. King. Mr. King said he ran the course that morning, just he and his daughter....that really hit my heart because she was taken too soon, and running was one of her passions. The quotes all along the course that she loved just added to the spirit that was so very present on this day.

 RIP Chelsea and Amber, I know your spirits were with us yesterday. Your light continues to shine.

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